Brain Beats 2 Songs - Digital Downloads

Brain Beats 2 Songs - Digital Downloads

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Brain Beats 2 the follow up to the hit Brain Beats and is full of even more smart stuff you've always wanted to know, set to rocking' beats. We love the whole album but our two favorites are the world famous Tour the Word song and Party Like and Animal which you will not be able to get out of your head for days!

You can purchase each song individually for just $.99. To purchase a song, select it from the drop down "title" menu and then hit "add to cart." The mp3 download links will automatically be sent to you after you complete your order. 

The song topics are as follows:

  • Tour the World - All the countries of the world
  • Inventor's Bounce - Famous inventors throughout history
  • Trip to Outer Space  - Planets and the solar system
  • It's the Quadratic Formula - The name says it all!
  • Below My Cranium - Parts of the brain
  • Count It Out Loud- How to count to 10 in 10 different languages
  • Link Up With Me - Linking verbs
  • Party Like and Animal - Animals group names (i.e. a pod of whales)
  • I'm Talkin' Pemdas - The PEMDAS mathematical order of operations
  • A Preposition in My Mind - Prepositional phrases
  • The Seven Wonders of the World - An overview of the seven wonders
  • A Prime Number - A quick guide to prime numbers
  • As Far as Eyes Can Seas, Continents and Oceans - A journey through all the seas, oceans and continents