About Us

Scott grew up in a family with a love for memorizing facts. In particular, they loved learning the states and state capitals and he has clear memories of his mom doing state capital flash cards with him during road trips. A few years ago he decided to produce an album of music that would help kids (and adults) memorize important facts. It ended up being popular enough that he produced a second album the next year. The albums are called Brain Beats and Brain Beats 2 and both can be found here on the site. 

The most popular song on Brain Beats 1 is called Tour the States. Scott is a visual learner so he decided to hire an artist to illustrate the song as it was being sung so it could reach people’s brains in two ways at once. We put the video on YouTube a few years ago and, without any ad spend or marketing, it has managed to go semi-viral. To date it has over 41 million views! You can check out the video here. The comment section is filled with messages from kids who have used the video to study for tests. We also heard every day from teachers and parents who have used it to teach their students/kids. There are dozens of spinoff videos of kids singing the song solo or performing it in school assemblies. We love it seeing how it has spread! The next year we produced a video called Tour the World that currently has over 14 million views. Amazing!

Inspired by the success of the video, we decided to launch Brianmaker Posters with the goal of combining catchy music with stylish art to sneak clever facts into your noggin. We've sold posters, songs and flash cards to someone from every state in the US as well as to over 20 countries around the world. We have big plans to continue to create more amazing music and art across a wide variety of subjects. Thank you so much for supporting this small family-owned business as we try to help make the world a brighter place!
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1215 Mountain Oaks Circle, Alpine, UT 84004