If I order posters in bulk, can I get a discount?

You bet! Just contact us with the quantities and we'll be in touch with pricing. 

Are you able to print the posters in any sizes other than 24"x36"?

The answer to this is almost always YES. Just contact us and tell us your preferred size and we'll be in touch with whether or not we can do it and at what pricing. 

Do you have any recommended frames for the 24"x36" posters?

Yes, we've found this Ikea poster to be a great (and affordable) option. We also think this wooden frame is a very stylish option.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but not through this site. Please visit our Etsy store for international orders.

Can I order multiple orders and have them shipped to different locations?

You can but you'll need to do this as separate transactions. 

If I order one full-priced poster and add on as 1 or more posters using the discount, can I have them shipped to different locations?

Unfortunately, no. The reason that we can offer such an amazing discount is that we are able to save on shipping by packing the posters together.