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Brain Beats Songs - Digital Downloads

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Brain Beats is an album full of smart stuff you've always wanted to know, set to rocking' beats including the world famous Tour the States song. We love the whole album but our two favorites are the world famous Tour the States song and A Little Chemistry which you will not be able to get out of your head for days!

You can purchase each song individually for just $.99. To purchase a song, select it from the drop down "title" menu and then hit "add to cart." The mp3 download links will automatically be sent to you after you complete your order. 

The song topics are as follows:

  • Tour the States - The US States and State Capitals
  • You and Your Systems - The systems of the human body
  • You Got a Right  - The US Bill of Rights
  • A Little Chemistry - The Periodic Table of Elements
  • Every State Has a Nickname - US State Nicknames
  • A Slice of Pi - The first 144 digits of Pi
  • We Will Hammer Your Grammar Full of Glamour - Some helpful grammar tips
  • Amp Up My Preamble - The Preamble of the US Constitution
  • Works of Art - Some significant works of art and their artists
  • The Evolution of Science - Some significant milestones in the history of science
  • Merci for the Chimpanzee - How to say "Thank You" and "Goodbye" in 8 different languages